French Retirement Reform : done ! And now ?

Even if i will be walking on the streets for the next demonstration, i’m quite convinced that the government will not do anything significant. The thing is that i’m optimistic and I truly believe in human being. What’s happened here with this reform is just the application of the global economic scheme. They are now starting discussions on our health social system, the next step will be the unemployment management. Are we going to keep on walking on the streets and stay useless or are there any other solutions?
Many organisations are trying to show that fatality does not exist, it’s just a question of willingness. For instance, The Yes Men has shown with an impressive enthousiasm that we can decide to change the world.

The Yes Men is just one more group among a lot of other clever groups (but they are probably more funny). There are more and more active people who want to wake up peoples whereas in the same time, more and more institutionals decisions are stupid, strange isn’t it?
In front of a hegemonic oligarchy of some “great men”, peoples like us haven’t got any influence. That’s exactly what they want we believe to and they are right! Actually, if we would believe a bit more in our capacity, we will get what we are looking for : true wealth. We already have the power to do it, the tips are free to use and we can find it easily through associations and the web. But, the easiest way to act is to think simple. For someone who does not support the deforestation, he will just have to find what the deforestition is for and then stop eating McDonald, Nestle… Even if the action is not complete, by others’s action/unaction the movement can become a full answer. By acting alternatively we are not only trying live better, we are also destabilising the system.
During 4 weeks I had the chance to study sustainable development theories in an engineer schools. It was amazing, in this pro-industrialist school, to hear all of our economic teachers telling the system is coming to an end and we have to do something.
The bad new? In our indivusalist world, nothing will hapen without individual acts, so let’s think !


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