Is energy free ?

This question should not be a question but the exploitation of natural ressources is a hudge business. Whatsoever for petroleum, ores and even water or food, those natural ressources have turned into financial ressources.With the electric car, a new age is coming. We are going to efficiently fight the actual and debatable challenge of the CO2 emissions, hooray !

is there anything strange ?
The electric car has had being designed since several decades so why should it come up now ? With the petroleum, the international climate is just a question of owning the oil fields. Everybody know that lots of wars were mostly oil wars (one example here : john perkins confessions of an economic hitman). So, we are just currently leaving a cruel world based on the possession of some rich earths ?

The electric cars also use fuel which is electricity. Electricity have to be stored to be transorted and the better way to do it (in a conventional one) is the battery system.
What is the best material to build batteries ?

Lithium = petroleum ?
The lithium’s war has already started for many years and it’s going to be over soon (a bit of information here). Mainly China and USA are leading this war and as usual, it is a fight in the shade. Now that a new financial chain is set up, now that the petroleum’s companies are ready to industrially extract lithium, they can sell electric cars

This announced revolution is definetely not a revolution. We are still going to use the same economic scheme in energy selling wich will generate conflict, wars  and corruption.Our duty is to think before bring our support to one of the existing solutions. There are always costs, no magie and that’s why we have, as citizen of the world, to cogitate before acting.

— Bonus —

Did you hear about free electricity ? Magnetic generators ?
Have a quick look on google and you will find solutions to produce free electricity with magnet. At this hard moment about the growing price of energy, it’s seductive to find free solutions. Some people have understood it and they have also find a good way to make money. As it’s difficult to find convincing informations about the free electricity fantasm, I take this post to add a response on the web. Again by this simple rule, there are always costs. the demagnetisation obliges the user to change the magnets regularly to keep a significant production in the long term. Free energy is not for now, anyway not with magnets.


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