Free MP3 download is still possible

I’am a bit doubtful about it but it does exist. Apparently, the guy who has created the website has failed to sell his concept. So, he simply decided to share it via this website :

Apparently, he doesn’t want to hide his idea. I was wondering if that was good to share this information but there is a facebook application available.

I’m not very aware about how it works but it’s kind of search engine specialised in the mp3 search. By browsing/scanning the web, it gives you a list of free downloadable mp3. You will find more informations here.

Does it stay online for a while ? The laws are just saying that it is prohibited to broadcast mp3, share it directly but not list them… One time again, one clever guy have found a solution.

That’s as great as it is incredible for us. Our role is to find a way to give a money feedback to the artists by going in concert or giving them money through existing systems such as Flattr or direct contribution (like radiohead did).


2 thoughts on “Free MP3 download is still possible

    1. Mathieu Lamour Post author

      Thanks for your comment Tristan !
      I wasn’t aware of that. I’m more than surprised to discover such huge directories for mp3. It seems that it doesn’t work for video, but i’m not surprised. The deep web is amazying !


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