A casual Berlin-Paris flight

I’m writing to you in an airplane. A simple “Berlin-Paris”, which seems so common for those who are used to it. After four days in the German capital, I’m coming back to Rennes as if I was returning from my mother’s house. Even if I’m not that wealthy (far from it), I am on my way back from a casual trip to Berlin when others are starving. I don’t want to apologize by writing that – it is simply my first assessment.

Those four days of rest are following four weeks of lessons focused on computing security. We studied this topic in depth through its technical, legal and social sides. After those four weeks, weare now part of this minority that knows what this strange thing is about. One more topic reserved for those who chose to be interested in it, one more topic for people with specialized knowledge. However, security didn’t wait for the computer to become a hot subject. The economies of the great countries are led by their capacity to produce army equipment. Just look to the lack of financing in the education system and you will see that military projects are much more readily financed. So, my second assessment is that security is lucrative.

What is the relationship between those two paragraphs? That’s how a plane flies: action-reaction. The most important component of the security market is inequalities. Without inequalities there are no… no jealousies or threats. Without threats, security would be useless.

I don’t want to contribute to the “new world order” theory. Nevertheless, just imagine that if the global security budget was used to remove the inequalities, we would all live more pleasant and perhaps wealthier lives!

Special thanks to Rachel Dares for her help in english writing.


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