Revolution, why the west should move forward.

Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen… Revolutions are happening right now. Nobody knows how will it go but that doesn’t matter, those peoples are fighting for their rights. They have chosen to leave a state of acceptance, that kind of lethargy which slowly kills nations.

We don’t know yet what’s happened over there to start the movement; some are saying that Facebook, twitter and especially blogger are the sources. But those people are wrong because they are only analyzing the ways while the root causes are much more important.

Here, in our west countries, we have many reasons to start a revolution. BUT we have a huge brake… Who is the enemy? They are not our presidents nor foreigners or rich peoples, no. We should fight against the dictate of the financial system. For instance, today, I’ve learnt that the CEO of Goldman Sachs has tripled his salary… great! But not surprising, if you read the news, you know that’s an everyday story. Ok, so big news, we are living in a hypocritical world! That is just to say that the enemy is the financial system and an election will not change anything because politic didn’t rule the world anymore. It is a thought which, for once, is utopian.

How could we deal with that? Like me, maybe you are asking yourself: “Come on people, let’s demonstrate and let’s change the world! Why are you sitting here, waiting for something to change?». Bad question…

The root causes of revolutions lie in optimism. Instead of shouting at the others like Jean-Luc Mélenchon in France and all opponents of established parties, we should rather propose something positive.

They are at least, three ways to unite people:

– make them share a huge difficulty (2nd world war, lack of money…),

– prohibit them to do something they like (prohibition in USA, strikes in French transport companies…),

– give them a hope (French/Tunisian/Egyptian revolution, independences…).

An ironical hope

An ironical hope

I prefer the last one. What is missing in west is a new hope. A hope that would be strong enough to stop people from the scariness of being exclude when trying to live different. Many things are possible. We just have to start thinking about what really makes them happy. What do we need as human to live descent lives?

Because we have the greatest impact on the others, because we are the “greatest countries”, we have a responsibility. There is no other alternative than to think !

And that’s a bit of a shame that it’s people with much less means than ours, who are required to open the path…

How could we start ? Why not on Facebook?

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4 thoughts on “Revolution, why the west should move forward.

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  2. SenderUpWords

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I have been writing non stop since this started about how the west is on the wrong side of the rubicon on this. Do we believe in democracy or not.

    you may find this piece interesting…

    Great piece.


    Love and Light,


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