United we will be victorious

Peoples are fighting everywhere. Fighting against exclusion, racism, poverty, starvation…

Nowadays, we are living a huge change. In deed, people are trying to fight together, it doesn’t matter who you are, where do you come from, it’s just about fighting against injustice. Like me, you have probably heard about Tunisia, Egypt, Avaaz, 8th wonderland, ZeiGeist, many Facebook event calling for a revolution, even some news paper…
Except for Tunisia and Egypt (because that’s very particular), all of this movement are trying to set up a massive movement but they are failing…

Why ?

– Avaaz is too unidirectional and not enough dangerous.
> They react on news and propose petitions.
> They try to deal directly with government.

– 8th wonderland is too complicated.
> The website wasn’t ready when the film was on the screen.
> They try to get the ideas of everyone but the majority of people prefers to say “yes” or “no” and that’s fair enough.

– ZeitGeist is too engage.
> They want to communicate on their project before having the  support of everyone, dangerous

What can we do ?

There is so much energy around us. Peoples want to make things change but everybody is fighting for his own cause. Usually, a fight become too hard and they lose.

Because of the globalization (not only but let’s simplify), the problem is a global one. Don’t you think that instead of trying to cure the consequences if we tried to cure the causes it would be more efficient ?

Let’s organize it globaly !

What do we need ?

Just people who are already involve in different fighting and believes that the time has come to make something all together.

It’s starting, leave a comment to join.


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