Leave everything to find myself

25 years old, an age after which everything becomes more complicated. This is the beginning of “adulthood” that means employment, family life, credits … Like other transitions (childhood, adolescence …), it is once we are in a situation that we can define what philosophy we have chosen to follow. For almost a year, I try to write the contradictions of this world which worries me. Surely a kind of therapy. Starting from a more altruistic goal than an introspective one, the rules have changed (or become more clear) to finally turn on a confrontation with the readers and especially to my friends and family. This unsuitable reality  for my values then became a state of consciousness difficult to accept. The confrontation came out from the stagnation in which I had chosen to take refuge: positioning a “normal”, “compliant” and “responsible” life.

To take all the necessary perspective to choose a life, I’m leaving.

A first trip (late October) will lead me to find an atypical knowledge in Malaysia. Michel is a man met in Berlin two years ago. He had decided to chuck everything. After the election of Sarkozy, he has been fired of his company. Michel then left a country that didn’t retain him anymore. He left to meet the people and the world. A bold gamble that resulted in a balance sheet filled with humanity and discoveries. This first step involves no specific goal, perhaps I need to reassure myself that deviance is not synonymous with destruction as they want us to believe.

On my return (early November), I will take the time to prepare my trip as best as possible. During one short year, let’s take the direction of India, slowly. Take the time to stop learning in community places. I spent 6 years in schools and businesses, to treat a job that I do not want to do anymore today. This trip will be a new apprenticeship, about agriculture, community living, respect for others and more generally for nature.

From one year or longer.

Am I very sure to want to give up the comfort of modern life? It’s easy to resent the misfortunes of this world from the bottom of my sofa, in front of a TV and behind the screen of a computer. This only one year, will keep the ability to backspace. If I want to go back to my today’s life, this short break does not close the door of the engineering profession in networks and telecommunications. Life is full of surprises! May be I will decide to stay somewhere or go to rehabilitate the farm of my father into a community, go figure!

You and I in all-that.

Because you are part of my life and I thank you, I want to keep our links. That’s why I will write regularly here, a sort of travel book, to share this experience with those who have the desire. The other way to leave with you is that you tell me (here) to which places to go. Farms, people, landscapes … everything you want to show me. Funny idea to write this indictment, but I do not want to leave without telling you why. Finally, write here could be helpful for others by feeling a bit more “normal”, similar to someone else.


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