Two weeks of news, partially resumed

In the age of instant information, news not only travels fast but sparks panic. Let’s start with a non-exhaustive inventory of these last two weeks:

– The debate over secularism (nipped in the bud),
– The french cabinet reshuffle,
– The rise of Marine Le Pen,
– Shameful benefits for the shareholders of CAC 40 companies,
– Mediator® scandal,
– Renault® case,
– French inflation up,

– Degradation of Greek and Spanish debts,
– Gold prices new record,
– Texas tea too.

“The rests of the world”:
– Côte d’Ivoire, the problem persists,
– Tunisia, a good start,
– Egypt, back to the source? Long live the army?
– South Sudan: an independence that is difficult to implement,
– Bahrain,
– Libya,
– Japan …

Ouch! Non-exhaustive, but I don’t want to tire you out 😉

By knowing too much, we almost forget to take a moment and step back. I ask that you give us that luxury.

The state of French politics, communication of the UMP (Union for a Popular Movement): improvisation, improvisation!

The majority sought to improve its popularity by running that debate on secularism. It has finally resurrected the ideology of an inglorious past (xenophobia). The National Front has just beat its record at cantonal elections, it is now stronger than ever.  Public infighting between Sarkozy and some big names in the UMP about run off votes, has also made the National Front leader happy.

Absurdities become too strong:

The credibility of our business model takes a serious hit in the face. Some continue to accumulate massive profits from a world that is remerging from one of its greatest crises (go figure!). But solutions like the “robin hood tax” does exist :

, while others die from lethal medication (Mediator case in France). The contrast is striking. To put it briefly, we are told that the economy is recovering and that we must continue to make efforts admitting that the welfare state is no longer sustainable. On the other hand, we should be more flexible, public services that allow us to live are being undermined and our food, sold by the same who want us to make efforts, is killing us by inches (fortunately, we use drugs …).

Thanks to the government’s suffocation of our protests, they go on.

The protests have accomplished nothing, austerity continues. Bending to the will of banks, governments have said “yes!” to budget cuts. At the European level, despite all efforts to get Greece and Spain out of their penuries, the rates of their debts have been reduced. This means that the amount to pay has increased. Then again, owing to their inability to pay, their partners have to bear the weight of their insolvency. Well, yes, some are willing to pay so why miss out? PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain) become the new temporary cash cows of global banks. Beautiful performance!
Meanwhile, under the guise of Arabian spring, oil and raw materials prices have increased.

The Arabian Spring, a revolutionary mirage?

Us French people, the ones of the revolution, we like when others raise their fists. Not because we have forgotten how to do it (no comment) but because we are compassionate people, scandalized to see that others don’t have access to a freedom template like ours.
Oddly, this is not the first time that we have the opportunity to cry together. Another people well known in France, outraged over the years, the Algerians. They also have a dictatorship, hydrocarbons (98% of exports), but the stability of the country is not threatened and that makes all the difference. As a reminder, Libya is 3% of global oil production but also the third world stock: the coalition and Saudi Arabia support the people (Oh, and Total is the largest company in Lybia). At the same time, doesn’t it seem strange to you that the Saudi army sends forces in Bahrain to support the regime? That the international community does not lift a finger?

What conclusion about these two weeks?

By looking at the world situation a little closer, we understand that it’s still a huge and magnificent mess. The second thing is the intensity of the inconsistencies that we are facing. This panic is the result of a state of emergency which has found root in a society that has gone out of control. As for the nuclear issue, it’s not about changing some of that society, it’s about changing everything.


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