Minutes of the meeting on 12M #1

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Minutes of the meeting on 12M #1
Saturday 21st of january
Sources and audio file of the conference

Purpose :

logistics for the international coordinators for the 12.M and onwards actions:


1. Coordinators that worked for the 15.O to explain the dynamic that has been used to achieve it. Tools used: Mumble, FB, N-1, etc. Work team structure.

2. Creation of an agenda.

3. Decide if the FB page 12M WorldrEvolution continues or create other one. Nominate administrators for that FB page.

4. Definition of International Coordination Work teams in FB and N-1.

5. List of main resources:

Internet web pages

FB pages and profiles

Twitter accounts

Other social media,

Streaming channels


6. Is a web page only for the 12.M going to be set up? and if so. Who will take care of it?.

7. Coordinate a worldwide press release by mid-february to communicate about the 12.M action/s.

8. Confirmation of date for next meeting on January 28th in order to start working on content and actions coordination. (on Take the Square mumble server)


1. Dynamics 15o

Road to success:

  • talk clear, polite and humble (regarding to religion, political party adhesion…)
  • point to a common objective : global change. We continue to talk about 99%, and to be in touch with this spirit. (- Use symbols – like here)
  • time for preparation and spreading
  • make people understand that they are struggling for the same reasons by clear speaking
  • VALUES : no violence, no political parties (no unions)
  • contact people outside of the movement (not them which are already involved)
  • the more people involved on the organization and coordination of this mobilization, more people and groups around the world can be reached
  • Remind the date
  • A key point for 15O was to be anonymous, the web, the call, the idea was explained and people understood it and endorsed it.

Tools used:

mailing list for :

Coordinating (web, video, translations)

Coordinating oficial international twitter accounts to choose hashtags, twitter and FB strategies

Organizing livestreams as a way to visualize that we were together

FB groups for :

Finding people for translations, grafic desings, videos, etc.

Events to promote the movement :

For instance, in Brussels, we welcomed the march that arrived from Spain and Paris, and we celebrated an Agora during a whole week. With our meetings and assemblies, we had a very good exposure in the media that, absolutely helped in the convocation of the demostration the 15th October.

Assemblies :

Maybe it is possible to use the proposal of a global day of popular assemblies on May 5th as a way to get the process of organizing and preparing to the streets and to the people who are not active on internet

French revolution will call every Occupy Movement to launch the promoting actions for the 12M on the 1st of May 1M = “One Aim” and create CAMPS everywhere, occupy every cities to have 12 days to communicate on the streets about the 12M…..

1M is historically the Struggle Day in France and a big Manifestation will be there

We will Occupy the Parlement this day, for the arrival of tens of Indignant Walks there in Paris…… Need Support Everywhere…..

2. Agenda

A FB event has been created to collect all worldwide actions from now till 12 of May.

Proposal: we can organize something global, a global setting-agenda, like a thematic fortnights, with actions all around the world, and in every little city, for example, from the 1st to thr 15th of May, action against the banks, the second fortnight of March, against unemployment or internet control, etc. That way every assembly can organize it local, but we’re heating the ambiancce globally. With performances in the streets, or different local actions, publishing reports, etc. to approach it to the real people and to heat the ambiance before the 12th of May!

Here are the public calendar details

Please, post in comment any other public calendar you know.

3. FB global page (here)

To be administrator of the Facebook webpage:

Add you facebook account and some proof of your previous involvments in the comment of this post and we will add you

4. Definition of International Coordination Work teams in FB and N-1.

Each group will work giving data oftenly about the Global Day 12M. We work from local to global.

5. List of main resources

We use our own servers and free software technologies on

– Occupii.org group

Démocracia Real Ya

– n-1 groups

12M12 and 15M12





Other places












acampadabcn and acampadabcn_int

We have the twitter account @M12Global (We can change user of @15OctoberNet for @M12Global and backup @15OctoberNet to next 15O)





For Search engine optimization you can use: http://www.seorch.de/ (mitght be available in english in the next days)

We have the domain https://may12.net

Huge directory of websites here, you can join to help on the curation.

6. Is a web page only for the 12.M going to be set up? and if so. Who will take care of it?.

There will be no main page for the 12M, we will only use the date as the “logo”.

7. Coordinate a worldwide press release by mid-february to communicate about the 12.M action/s.

We have to spread this: Each time one of us exchange with press, we have to remind them the date of the 12th of may, but only the date to keep the expectation.

other points:

– From DRY IT Team we have solve the problem to do international conferences with simultaneous interpretation/translation into so many languages as translators we have. We are getting ready a new protocol to publish in order to start to use it. :-)))

– The real-time translation could be broadcast via streaming using different channels in giss.tv, for example. Thus, the meetings could be broadcast to thousands and thousands.

– Since DRY Technical Team offer all the resources we have available. (our email is equipote at listas.democraciarealya.es)


3 thoughts on “Minutes of the meeting on 12M #1

  1. Noni

    Great efforts! Thanks for all the wonderful information and for setting this in motion.
    Alison – Occupy Vancouver – Global Activist


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